Chicken Parma with a twist 

Getting out for a meal as parents of young children can sometimes be tricky. Not to mention all the things you need to bring with you to entertain the children for those just incase moments. You know the ones. Just incase you are sat next to a grumpy patron who doesn’t like the sound of children laughing, talking or making any sound at all (it happens) or just incase your child gets a case of “I’m bored let’s go home” as soon as you walk in or just incase you want to eat your meal without too many interruptions (as parents of young children we can only dream). Whatever your reason to stay at home I’ve got a chicken Parma recipe that will give you an excuse to stay home, dine in and enjoy your meal just as much as if you were eating out. Now we just need to find someone to clean the dishes ……
First the chicken schnitzel

When I make chicken schnitzel I always make a big batch. They’re not hard to make, just messy in my opinion so I find if I make a big batch then freeze them in these sandwich sized snap lock bags they’re on hand for a quick easy meal and that is what I’m all about! 

To make your chicken schnitzel follow these directions:

Grab some chicken breast and cut and bang out to give you lovely fillets. I get approx 3 from one but I like my schnitzel on the thinner side. Salt and pepper lightly both sides.

Wet ingredients:

Next in a bowl crack 3 eggs, add a dash of milk or cream, a teaspoon of crushed garlic and a teaspoon of chciken stock powder or chicken seasoning. If you don’t have any vegeta works nicely too. Whisk til well combined
Dry ingredients:

I use Panko crumb because I find it gives you a crisper finish but any crumb will do.

Pop into a seperate bowl 2 cups of crumb or 1 packet Panko crumb, a good handful of fresh chopped parsley and 3 dessert spoons of grated parmesan cheese (more if you like 😉) and mix well. 

Grab your chicken and coat well in egg wash then pat in the crumb mixture. Firmly pat down when you crumb your chicken and put aside. Continue until finished.
At this point you can freeze them (i find snap lock bags work best) Always label with contents and date (as you can see I forgot to do that before snapping the pic but did it before they went into the freezer). To cook you can fry them (which is the faster option) or for a healthier option I bake mine. Simply line a baking tray with baking paper. Pop your schnitzel on the paper and drizzle with olive oil. Bake in a preheated oven 160-180 degrees until well cooked. Turn once or twice during cooking when you can see schnitzel starting to brown. Cut one along the fattest part to see if it’s cooked but for a think schnitzel it takes around 30 mins roughly. 

Ok so now on to the Parma which is super easy. I grabbed some chicken schnitzel I had made earlier and defrosted it in the fridge from the day before (my chosen method). I also oven baked the schnitzel following my oven bake method (see above). It takes a little longer but it’s less messy which equals faster and easier clean up! While the chicken is on I chopped some of my favourite veggies and gave them a quick stir fry with some oil and garlic, salt and pepper -yum!

Once the schnitzel is done I like to drain for a minute on paper towel to remove any excess oil and then I pop it on my plate next to a helping of veg and top the chicken with a good tablespoon of basil pesto that has some pine nuts tossed through it for some crunch and sprinkled with some shaved parmesean cheese! Delicious! 

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