Hidden vegetable beef bolognaise sauce- a great one for the whole family!

Just a lovely bolognaise sauce to enjoy over some plain boiled pasta. Nothing fancy here, just wholesome hearty food made with love. This pasta sauce is great over plain pasta or to use as taco meat. Tastes great in lasagna and I’ve even enjoyed it with nachos before too! Very versatile and all the vegetables that are jam packed inside it gives so much flavour you will find this recipe will be your new ‘go to’ sauce!

3 zucchini

3 carrots

2 brown onions

2 red onions

3 sticks celery

1/4 cup olive oil

3 springs fresh rosemary (you could use dried see method)

3 bay leaves

A handful of fresh basil

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

1 tablespoon ketchup or tomato sauce

500g lean beef mince

4 tins crushed tomatoes

1 litre chicken stock

Salt and pepper to taste
Method- start by grabbing a big pot. Grate straight into the pot 3 med zucchini, 3 med carrots, 2 med brown onion, 2 med red onion and 3 sticks celery (mindful of your fingers and discard stringy bits). Add approx 1/4 cup (or a good lug) of olive oil and sauté until onion is transparent. To this add some fresh rosemary (approx a little handful-if your children are super fussy then I suggest a sprinkle of dried instead or chop the fresh super fine as you won’t notice it), 3 bay leaves (that get removed after cooking) and also a handful of fresh basil(again a sprinkle of dried for fussy eaters) along with approx 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika and about 1 tablespoon of ketchup. Mix really well and add 500g good quality lean beef mince. Cook until beef is almost done and mix well while it’s cooking so that the veggies and meat blend together. Add to this 4 tins of finely crushed tomatoes (I like mutti brand polpa Di pomodoro but any brand will do). Mix well and add 1 litre if chicken stock. Simmer on low for a couple hours or so (the longer the better)  or until tomato is cooked to your liking and watch liquid levels. Add more stock if needed. I would make my sauce a little thicker than when you’re making spaghetti bolognaise for lasagna. When you’re happy with it taste it! This is the hero of your dish so it needs to be right! Adjust by adding salt if needed but if children are eating please be mindful of how much you add. Great to pop into some containers and freeze- when you defrost it will give off a little extra liquid, it’s just from the veggies and i usually drain it off then use the sauce.

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