Taco cups- perfect for little hands!

Taco cups! oh so good!

So we had tacos for lunch today at mine and I came up with the idea of Taco cups so mr two could enjoy lunch independently and eat the meal the way it is designed to be served.


Taco meat -cooked to your liking

Sliced bread




Sour cream/natural yoghurt

Cheddar cheese shredded

Mixed beans

Dill if desired as a garnish

To make these delicious bite sized mouthfuls of yum start by making your taco meat – cook it the way you like, I’ve cheated and used some of my hidden vege bolognaise sauce for mr two as I know it has no nasties and added some extra smoked paprika to spice it up a little. The recipe for this can be found by searching ‘beef bolognaise ‘. You will love it and it will become your “go to” sauce so absolutely check it out!

Next you need some sliced bread that you will cut into circles using a cookie cutter or a glass/mug pressed down firmly into one slice. Grab your bread circle and push it into a cupcake tin. Make as many as you like, moulding each one into the tin to give you a shell. You can pre bake if you want them crisp, I chose not to. Fill your ‘taco shell’ with meat sauce and top with a little cheese and bake til the cheese has just melted. Take them out of the oven and top with your favourite taco filling. I’ve chosen lettuce, chopped tomato, beans, cheese, natural yoghurt and homemade guacamole, delish! Hubby wanted some for him they were that good!

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