Home made chicken chippies

Chicken chippies are a great way to make food fun. My son, Mr three really loves these because they’re easy to eat and taste delicious. Let’s face it, who can say no to a good chippie!

Toddlers can enjoy these as the size makes them easy for children to feed themselves and I oven bake mine to make them healthier. To start you need a chicken breast. You want to cut the chicken lengthways through the middle and bang the chicken out a little to give you lovely fillets. I get approx 3 from one but I like my schnitzel on the thinner side. Salt and pepper lightly both sides. If you like yours thicker just make 2 fillets from 1 breast. 

You now want to cut your fillets into chippie sized fingers. The size is up to you but I ususlaly make mine as long and as fat as my ring finger. To cut the chippies I use kitchen scissors, this is a quick and easy tip! 

Once you have cut your chicken to size you need to grab your ingredients to make the egg wash and crum mixtures. These go into seperate bowls and the method is exactly like you are making schnitzel. 
Wet ingredients:

In a bowl crack 3 eggs, add a dash of milk or cream, a 1/4 teaspoon of crushed garlic and a teaspoon of chicken stock powder or chicken seasoning. If you don’t have any vegeta works nicely too. Whisk til well combined
Dry ingredients:
I like to use Panko crumb if I have any because I find it gives you a crisper finish but any crumb will do.
Pop into a seperate bowl 2 cups of crumb or 1 packet Panko crumb, a good handful of fresh chopped parsley (leave out for fussy eaters) and 3 dessert spoons of grated parmesan cheese (more if you like 😉) and mix well. 
Grab your chicken chippies and coat well in egg wash. Toss them through and then pat in the crumb mixture. Firmly pat down when you crumb your chicken and put aside. Continue until finished.

At this point you can freeze them (i find snap lock bags work best) Always label with contents and date (as you can see I forgot to do that before snapping the pic but did it before they went into the freezer). To cook you can fry them (which is the faster option) or for a healthier option I bake mine. Simply line a baking tray with baking paper. Pop your chippies on the paper and drizzle with olive oil. Bake in a preheated oven 160-180 degrees until well cooked and golden in colour. Turn once or twice during. They will take roughly 20-30 minutes. Another mum tip is to wear disposable gloves when making your chippies. If the kiddies need you quickly you can easily take the gloves off, wash your hands and you are ready to go. 

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