Clean yo fridge beef and veg mini pies

I call these clean your fridge beef and veg mini pies because I tend to make them when I’ve got some veggies that need to be used up. In saying that I really love the flavours of celery carrot and onion together (I always seem to have these in my fridge) so if you are buying vegetables specifically for this dish I would recommend those but otherwise use what you have. It will be delicious!


Chuck steak (roughly 800g piece)

2 sticks celery

1/2 red onion

2 carrots

1 sweet potato

1/2 cup frozen baby peas

2 teaspoons beef stock powder

1 cup water

3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 

1/2 tablespoon tomato ketchup 

Salt and pepper to taste 

1 sheet puff pastry

1 teaspoon dried rosemary

Chop chuck steak and place into slow cooker along with washed, peeled and chopped veg and baby peas. When I chop my veg I like to chop into bite sized cubes and the same with the meat.

Add the rosemary, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, salt, pepper, water and stock and mix well to combine.

Slow cook for 6 hours in your slow cooker until meat is tender and breaks up easily.

Using a slotted spoon, scoop meat and veg mixture into rammikns (will do about 5 filled to the top) 

Grab a large mixing spoon and place 1 generous spoon of cooking liquid from the slow cooker into each rammikin 

Grab your defrosted sheet of puff pastry and push the top of a spare rammikin into the pastry five seperate times to create five circles the same size as your rammikin

Grab a knife to cut the circles out properly and then cut a cross or “X” into the centre of each circle. The circle will be the top of the pie

Place one puff pastry circles onto each of your pies and press down around the edges to seal (you can brush egg wash or milk wash over the top if you wish but I don’t bother) 

Place onto a baking tray (I line mine with baking paper to make clean up a breeze) and place in a preheated oven 200 degrees and cook until pastry is golden (roughly 30-35 minutes)

Eat and enjoy but be mindful the rammikin will be hot!

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