The supermarket salad

I’ve named this the supermarket salad for the simple reason being all the ingredients are found in the local supermarket and get pretty much plated up nicely without too much fuss.

It’s tasty

It’s simple to make

It’s quick 

It’s my go to salad for a light lunch or dinner or those days you want to lounge outside. It’s perfect for when you have guests round and you want an easy side salad to enjoy with your favourite cut of meat on the BBQ and it’s fast so it means you actually get to enjoy the company of your guests without fussing in the kitchen.

I give you, The supermart salad. You can thank me later.

1 large bag mixed lettuce, washed

2 pears washed, core removed and thinly sliced

1 avocado peeled, seed removed and sliced (I like lengthways and try to keep all my I ingredients sliced the same way)

1 handfull of natural (not salted) walnuts

2 sticks shallots (spring onion) washed and sliced

1/2 small red onion peeled and thinly sliced

1 box  crumbed chicken tenders cooked to packet directions and sliced (if you aren’t comfortable with using these feel free to substitute chicken schnitzel or my chicken chippies-recipe can be found by typing ‘chicken chippies’ into the search engine)

1/2 a bottle ranch dressing

Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare all ingredients as stated in ingredients list.

Grab a large flat serving platter and begin by spreading the lettuce all over.

Now we begin to layer and construct the salad.

First layer the pear in an even manner over the lettuce.

Now the avocado in the same way being careful to be even. When I do this I think of how I will grab a serving of salad to eat with the tongs, you want a little bit of everything with each scoop of the tongs when you put the salad on your plate.

Next the red onion.

Now the chicken which you can use slightly cooled or cold so if you are making this ahead of time it is fine to cook and cool the chicken before constructing the salad.

Next layer the walnuts and shallots.

Finish by drizzling the ranch dressing over the salad and sprinkling it with salt and pepper.

Easy and delicious!

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